From Georgia To Arizona: David Hutcheson


Location: Tucson, Arizona
Species: Brown Trout
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David Hutcheson was born in a small town in Northwest Georgia, currently based in Tucson, Arizona. David ties big flies for big brown trout. “Fly tying provides me with an outlet to enjoy my passion for the outdoors even when I can’t physically be there.”

Why do you enjoy tying flies?
I enjoy fly tying for many reasons. First and foremost, fly tying provides me with an outlet to enjoy my passion for the outdoors even when I can’t physically be there. I really enjoy sitting down at the vise in the evening and tying a couple bugs to unwind from the day. Also, I have always been someone who likes to work with my hands and build things. Fly tying is the ultimate hobby for someone who likes to create, build, and tinker. Tying your own flies allows for one to experiment with different materials, colors, and designs. Above all else, fly tying is very rewarding because the true judges of our work are pretty lenient.


Any big inspirations or fly tiers you admire?
My biggest inspiration and favorite fly tier is Andreas Andersson. I genuinely appreciate his ingenuity and the attention to detail he puts into his patterns. I also admire his generosity to the fly tying community through sharing his techniques and patterns in his educational videos.

Any advice for new fly tyers?
My best advice for new fly tyers is to most of all enjoy the process. Start simple and learn the fundamentals of fly tying before moving on the complex patterns. Pay attention to the details and focus on being consistent with your flies. Finally, above all else, always remember that less is more. Some of the most beautiful and productive patterns are those tied with sparse materials and eloquent proportions.

What is your favorite species to chase and why?
My favorite species to chase is undoubtedly brown trout. I have an insatiable obsession with trying to convince them to eat large flies… sometimes to my own detriment.

What is your favorite piece of water to fish and why?
My favorite water to fish is the White River in Arkansas. I have fished for trout in many places, but the White is a special place to me. I love the challenge that fishing big water systems provide and trying to crack the code to produce fish on any given day.