Hogan's Crawfish is a crayfish pattern that gets down deep and has all the right moves to entice any trout or bass! Influenced by Shane Schuster’s Crawnade and Tim Haddon’s Dead Drift Craw, this pattern utilizes a handful of materials that can be swapped out to match whatever your local fish are eating!


Hook 90° Jig Hook
Bead 3/32 Tungsten Bead - Black
Thread Veevus GSP 75 - Black
Body .02 Lead Free Wire
EP Minnow Head - Speckled Brown
Turkey Tail
Hareline Cohen’s Carp Dub - Acapulco Red
Loon Outdoors UV Clear Fly Finish - Thick
Legs Hareline Cohen’s Carp Dub - Cray-Zee Orange
Hareline Shimmer Rabbit Strip - Crawfish Orange with Silver Shimmer
Grizzly Micro Rubber Legs